Tyler Gonerka



Tyler Gonerka

Which is why I just can’t wait to get old and fish. My family, friends, and barista call me Tyler. Sometimes George. Or Steaks if you’re Marthon. A year ago I opted to make a move from the Flatirons of Boulder to the smells Midtown. I care about making great work, building and cultivating culture, learning, and the state of Arsenal FC (currently trending positively.) I've won awards, some of them in advertising, but I wake up every day humbled that I get to be creative for a living. So thank you.

I was born in the town of Keokuk, Iowa, where I lived a remarkable 16 days of my life before moving to Colorado. I started drawing and painting a few years later. Mostly - sharks and cars, which I still aspire to create to this day. I got my start in advertising as a studio artist and eventually transitioned to art direction after a few years. I love it. When I’m not at work I spend my time watching and playing soccer, talking to strangers, and preferably navigating trees on the slopes. 

My dog Abe is more popular than I will ever be, and I shape my life around his well-being.

contact info:

tyler.gonerka@gmail.com // 303.243.4642