Tyler Gonerka

Blind Taste Test // Kraft

Being in control of your pizza is important to carryout customers. But something neither Domino’s nor the customers can control is the condition of the roads on their carryout routes. Bad roads are pizza killers. Until now. We aimed to fix some of the worst roads on carryout routes in America.


These days, everyone’s removing artificial stuff from their food, and they love advertising it. But when it came to re-launching Kraft’s iconic mac & cheese with no artificial flavors, preservatives, or dyes, we knew we had to tread lightly. After all, change is scary, especially when it comes to an American icon. We knew no amount of advertising could convince worried fans that their mac and cheese would taste the same. So we, an advertising agency, told Kraft the best solution was not to advertise the change at all. Instead, we asked Kraft to package their new recipe in their original boxes, changing only the ingredient label. Then we watched for three months as America devoured 50 million boxes of the new recipe without noticing a thing. Finally, we announced that we’d pulled off the World’s Largest Blind Taste Test, and that America’s silence had proven the new recipe tasted the same.