Tyler Gonerka

Eat 'Em Like Junk Food // Baby Carrots

While lucky underwear is a cultural phenomenon in America, no brand has actually ever manufactured real lucky underwear. We decided to change that by taking 2,000 pairs of limited edition Fruit of the Loom underwear on a 10-day, 9-state, 10,632-mile trip across America and infusing them with good vibes from some of the luckiest spots in the nation. Thanks to a great social response from Lucky Looms purchasers, we found that the underwear helped people think positively and start their day a little happier.


Carrots. They're healthy. They're nutritious. They're boring as hell. Junk food doesn't have that problem with their extreme over-the-top ads and flavors. C'mon, which would you rather eat? So how do we turn baby carrots from a boring, old veggie into an exciting, new snack? By beating junk food at it's own crazy marketing game.