sup sup sup.

Thank you for investing the effort to visit my page, despite there being so many other exciting web pages (like this).

I'm Tyler. Well, legally it's George (hence the slash). When I was in 4th grade I told my teacher I preferred Brett. My parents stood with blank faces as I signed my shark drawings “Brett.”

I’m an award-winning creative director currently surviving New York City alongside my amazing wife and our charismatic leader, Willy the mini-dachshund.

Some of the achievements I’m most proud of include:
• Trending #1 thanks to pothole-enthused Redditors.
• Bernie Sanders simultaneously shaming and praising our efforts to fix America's infrastructure.
• Earning Stephen Colbert’s grudging respect when we duped Americans into eating a healthier mac & cheese.
• Being tricked into a Settlers of Catan National Tournament and not coming in last place.
• Seeing a pair of Lucky Underwear we created hit Craigslist for $500.
• Achieving “The Most Innovative Toast Innovator Innovation Award,” as granted by a committee composed of my wife and her friend. (While it’s true that I have toasted many food items previously considered untoastable by “establishment eaters,” I couldn’t have done it without my beloved partner: the Japanese toaster oven I bought online.)

I’ve worked for a wide range of advertising agencies, and also, I was a waiter. That was cool, too.

Thank you again,
The sharkist (shark artist) formerly known as Brett™.


Relationship History

Crispin Porter & Bogusky - BDR

McCann - NYC

Mischief @ No Fixed Address - Zoom

Droga5 - NYC (Freelance)

Anomaly - NYC

Key Stats

5'10 - In the morning

47th-ranked Settlers of Catan - Nationally

5 sec 40 - last I checked

Champ 2 Div 3 - Rocket League

Companion Status - Southwest Airlines

Placed 2nd place in 3 separate chili cookoffs

Men's Rec Division 2 Champion - Soccer

Made the first Sloth in MidJourney - unverified

7-time Fantasy Football Champion

D&AD Shift Mentor

13-15 Ski Days a year

Drives Manual Transmission

Was in a Band - twice


Organizing and adding soon. But yes. 

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